Have you ever wanted to lift cars, carry heavy barbells, or become a stronger person?  If you are interested in joining, please scroll below to find more info and please fill out the contact form. One of our experienced coaches will contact you shortly to set up a free drop in.

Everyone Can Do It


Strongmen compete in strength athletics, an eclectic mix of events that display their raw functional strength. Events like lifting stones, pulling trucks, carrying heavy objects, and deadlifting. Most people are familiar with these events through the Worlds Strongest Man competitions. Bowling Green Powerhouse has a grassroots local club that competes locally and nationally. 

Everything You Need to compete

Bowling Green Powerhouse has everything you need to compete in strongman. Our Equipment includes Atlas Stones, Logs, Farmers handles, Yokes, Kegs, Sandbags, and a Vehicle Deadlift Frame. Powerhouse also has many types of specialty bars, racks, platforms, and a monolift.


Bowling Green Powerhouse's Strongman team routinely travels for local and national strongman events.  Our team consist of men and women athletes of all weightclasses in the open and teen divisions.