Clean & Jerk Clinic


Clean & Jerk Clinic


Saturday, March 30th 1pm-3pm

BG Powerhouse

Join us for our second Olympic weightlifting clinic to learn or enhance your clean & jerk technique! Beginners will receive in-depth instruction on proper technique while advanced lifters can get a new set of eyes on possible weaknesses or technique faults that are holding them back from higher weights.

The clinic will contain the following segments:

  • Assessment

  • Technique practice and improvement

  • Proper programming for advanced lifting

  • Mobility for the clean & jerk

  • Proper Cool Down & Questions

Each attendee will receive personal coaching throughout the clinic so they can leave with new knowledge and understanding of their specific needs to continue to grow in their weightlifting.

Nikki Stock, LMT, MS, CSCS, USAW Advanced Sport Performance Coach

Stephen Burba, USAW Advanced Sport Performance Coach, FFT, FMS, CSCS

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