In the late 20th century the term strongman evolved to describe one who competes in strength athletics – a more modern eclectic strength competition in which competitors display their raw functional strength through exercises such as lifting rocks, toting refrigerators, pulling trains, towing an eighteen wheel truck behind them, and etc. The most famous competitions of this type are the World's Strongest Man, the Arnold Strongman Classic, the Strongman Champions League and the Giants Live tour, however many countries hold national-level competitions.


Olympic Weightlifting

Modern Olympic Weightlifting consists of the Snatch (ground to overhead) and the Clean & Jerk (ground to shoulder to overhead). Variations of these lifts have been in the Olympic games since 1896. Recent years has shown a dramatic increase in participation among strength enthusiasts and competitive hopefuls. Thanks to CrossFit, the Olympic lifts have surged in popularity since the 90's and continues to grow in all age groups. The skill required to successfully complete the lifts makes it challenging throughout all stages of training, and always provides a lesson in patience, determination, and control. Whether you desire to compete or not, Olympic Weightlifting is a fantastic way to stay strong and healthy while having a lot of fun.