Personal Programming / Online Programming

Personal Programming is a popular option for remote or open gym athletes to receive professional guidance while pursuing a solo training regimen. Athletes from across the country have utilized the skill and experience of Strength Coaches Stephen Burba and Nikki Stock to reach goals in Fitness, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman and/or Body Building. The coaches acknowledge that each athlete has individual needs, goals, and abilities and therefore require different stimuli to grow and develop. Through BGPH programming, you will crush weaknesses and overcome obstacles to become the athlete you strive to be.

Video analysis is also available upon request and is highly encouraged, as how an athlete completes their training sessions matters equally if not more than what they do. 

How it works:

  • Athlete chooses training frequency (i.e. 5 times per week)

  • Athlete provides training goals, injury history, preferences, obstacles, etc.

  • Athlete pays coach on a monthly basis based off of days per week and video analysis

  • Coach writes a unique, customized program based on the individual needs and goals of the athlete

  • Athlete pursues their training program while checking in with their coach as often as necessary, including sending videos for analysis of technique, efficiency, and function