Getting Started

Getting started in weight training is a ton of fun. It may seem intimidating at first, but don't worry! We definitely won't have you moving massive weight on your first days here. We will, however, put you through an awesome, heart pumping workout that will have you sweating and ready to come back the next day for more.

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Available Plans


Open Gym

Open gym at BG Powerhouse is your inclusion into the Powerhouse family; a community of hard-working athletes. Program templates are always available to kickstart your training, and coaches are available to help you hone efficient technique.



Thoughtfully designed high intensity program combining popular fitness modalities to form a well-rounded Human Performance class to resolve imbalances, promote weight loss, and increase strength and power.


Strongman/Woman Class

Our Strongman athletes train 3 times per week for both competitive and non-competitive goals. The sport of Strongman utilizes atlas stones, yoke carries, car deadlifts and other odd implements to train feats of strength.


Olympic Weightlifting Class

Bowling Green Barbell Club is the first official weightlifting club in the city. Our base membership provides 3x per week programming plus open gym. This is a great option to refine technique while gaining strength.


Unlimited Club Membership

This membership Allows access to all classes and open gym. this includes competitive Barbell Club programming (5x per week). For members looking to explore their movement options and learn new skills, this option will allow the most variability and exciting training.