Empower Strength & Conditioning Classes

Our Empower class is a thoughtfully-designed, high-intensity fitness class that combines popular exercise modalities into one well-rounded Human Performance program. From barbells to sandbags, this conditioning program will not only help people lose fat and gain muscle, but also increase your ability to tackle life’s mental and physical challenges.


Empower Conditioning

This is our spin on functional-style exercise, with more diverse movements, and more well-rounded methods. High intensity functional movements. Weight loss, strength, mobility, speed, coordination, you name it, this will get you there. We will start with skill work such as gymnastics or olympic weightlifting, and then complete a conditioning workout known as a "WOD."

Empower Strength

These classes are great for people who don't quite want the intense pace of the Empower class, but still want to get a bit of conditioning in. It will focus on gaining strength in the major lifts while including accessory exercises within circuits of more traditional sets and reps.



Pricing (Includes Open Gym)

Beginner: Empower or Strength classes up to 3x per week - $75

Ultimate: Unlimited Empower or Strength classes each week - $105